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Compass & Map
Andrea will provide the road map you need to manage your co-parenting successfully.


You thought leaving was going to be the hardest part.  You thought the court system would *see* the coercive control and high conflict behaviours and help protect your kids from that abuse.  But now that you are parenting apart, you're beginning to realize that that your Ex isn't going to change and the courts have no interest (or time) to help improve your co-parenting conflict.  Now what?  How are you going to co-parent your children with someone who abused you and is now treating the kids as pawns to try and continue to hurt you, regardless of how it affects them?  It's not easy but with some insight into high conflict behaviours and tools on how to manage them, you can start living your life again rather than just surviving it.  Andrea can show you how.

High Conflict Communication

Learning to communicate with a high conflict person is akin to learning a new language.  Everything you've learned about strong communication (I statements, "I feel..."  "I think...") go out the window when you are exchanging words with a difficult person.  They don't actually care how you think or feel, in fact - they'll likely use your words against you.  Andrea can teach you the language you need to use to effectively communicate with the high conflict person in your life.  Learn what to say, when to say it and when to say nothing at all.


There is no more thankless job than that of a step-parent, except when you are the step-parent to kids who have a high conflict parent.  Your role is unappreciated and you're often the outlet everyones difficult feelings.  You're ignored, criticized and manipulated.  Can your relationship survive?  Yes, but you need to understand your actual role as a step-parent and how to successfully navigate your partners high conflict ex.  Andrea will provide you with the information you need to give your relationship the best chance of thriving through the chaos.


Relationships aren't easy.  There are highs, lows and phases that are beyond boring.  How do you navigate the ups, downs and everything in-between?  Are you trying to make your partner into someone you want them to be?  Someone who communicates better?  Is more thoughtful?  Wants more sex?  Has better time management?  Chooses you over their career?  Or is your partner trying to change you?  If you know you want your relationship to last, you're just at a standstill on how to make it better?, Andrea can help provide guidance into how best to both navigate and improve your specific relationship and it's challenges.


Should I stay/Should I go

No one can tell you what to do with your relationship.  One persons red flags are another persons green flags.  What you are prepared to tolerate is different from your neighbours or your best friends tolerance level.  If you are looking for a sounding board to help you figure out if you should stay - or leave - your relationship, you've come to the right place.  Andrea knows what questions to ask to help you make up your mind in a safe and non judgemental environment.  And she can provide insight into what to expect if you choose to stay OR if you choose to leave.


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