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High Conflict Separation/Divorce

Are you thinking of leaving someone with high conflict tendencies?  Have you already left the relationship and feel lost in the broken legal system?  Whether you are just beginning the process of unravelling what was, what is and what will be OR you are smack dab in the middle of the hurricane, Andrea can help you make sense of how you got here AND how to make the craziness stop.

High Conflict Communication

Learning to communicate with a high conflict person is akin to learning a new language.  Everything you've learned about strong communication (I statements, "I feel..."  "I think...") go out the window when you are exchanging words with a difficult person.  They don't actually care how you think or feel, in fact - they'll likely use your words against you.  Andrea can teach you the language you need to use to effectively communicate with the high conflict person in your life.  Learn what to say, when to say it and when to say nothing at all.

High Conflict Co-Parenting

You thought leaving was going to be the hardest part.  You thought the court system would *see* the coercive control and high conflict behaviours and help protect your kids from that abuse.  But now that you are parenting apart, you're beginning to realize that that your Ex isn't going to change and the courts have no interest (or time) to help improve your co-parenting conflict.  Now what?  How are you going to co-parent your children with someone who abused you and is now treating the kids as pawns to try and continue to hurt you, regardless of how it affects them?  It's not easy but with some insight into high conflict behaviours and tools on how to manage them, you can start living your life again rather than just surviving it.  Andrea can show you how.

Step-parent Coaching

There is a reason 80% of second marriages fail - Step Parenting is HARD WORK and there is very little support, books or websites for step parents.  Want to set yourself up for success as a step parent?  Already a step parent and struggling? Andrea can help - so that you don’t end up a cliche or a statistic.  Individuals or couples welcome.


Blending Families Coaching

You thought divorce was hard?  Wait till you try to blend kids from two previous families into a third family.  Different rules, different morals, different relationships with co-parents, different expectations about what each parents role is in the third family… you name it, it will become a topic of conversation and or/discussion.  Boundaries, language/communication and expectations are key in setting your blended family up for success.  Andrea can help.  Individuals or couples welcome.

Interpersonal Relationships

Do you have a family member that stirs up drama from thin air?  Or a colleague everyone walks on egg shells around because no one wants to *set them off*?  Have you been spinning in circles trying to fix the relationship only to end up feeling worse?  It's time to stop doing what you've always done,  it's not working, and take back control of what you can change.  Andrea can help.

Parenting Plan Support

Trying to create a parenting plan with someone who says NO to everything you propose?  Can't figure out what to include in your comprehensive parenting plan?  Is Right of First Refusal beneficial or does it cause more drama for the kids?  Andrea's expertise & experience will help you navigate the Parenting Plan world and figure out what to *fight for* and what to *let go of*.   Working with a Parenting Coordinator?  Andrea can help untangle and clarify that process as well so your time and money are spent wisely and focused on the kids - not the conflict.


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