Compass & Map
Andrea will provide the road map you need to manage your conflict successfully.


Navigating a separation or divorce can be tricky at the best of times, add in a spouse who may have high conflict tendencies?  You need Andrea's skills & experience at navigating the legal system to help you stay focused on what matters.  Communication matters, make sure your communication is effective and productive.



Leaving a difficult relationship is hard, but co-parenting with a challenging personality is a whole other ballgame.  You are to blame for everything, they twist your words and their decision making is designed to hurt you - and in turn, the kids.  There is a way out of the crazy making, Andrea has the roadmap.


There is no more thankless job than that of a step-parent, except when you are the step-parent to kids who have a high conflict parent.  Your role is unappreciated and you're often the outlet everyones difficult feelings.  You're ignored, criticized and manipulated.  Can your relationship survive?  Yes, but you need to understand your actual role as a step-parent and how to successfully navigate your partners high conflict ex.


Managing high conflict family members isn't a natural skill set.  How can people who are supposed to love you cause you so much grief?  Through Andrea's Disengage - Decide - Deliver process, you'll learn how to disengage from the conflict, understand when a response is needed (or if the conflict should be ignored) and how to cultivate a response that can be heard.



Friendships going sideways?  Colleagues making your life miserable?   Managing high conflict relationships requires a new language, new style of communication and a genuine desire to shift your experience.  You may not be the problem, but the way you are managing the conflict might be.


High Conflict Communication

Learning to communicate with a high conflict person is akin to learning a new language.  Everything you've learned about strong communication (I statements, "I feel..."  "I think...") go out the window when you are exchanging words with a difficult person.  They don't actually care how you think or feel, in fact - they'll likely use your words against you.  Andrea can teach you the language you need to use to effectively communicate with the high conflict person in your life.

Life After Conflict

You've successfully implemented the skills required to communicate effectively with the high conflict person in your life.  Your boundaries are in place and you should be feeling great, but you're not.  Life After Conflict doesn't go back to *normal*, you have to create your new normal with yourself - but how the heck do you do that??  You've been a shell of yourself for years!  Andrea can lead the way.

 You don't have to keep suffocating in your life, it's time to take back control.


Initial consult: 60 minute phone conversation; Disengage, Decide, Deliver Workbook Series , digital copy of High Conflict Co-Parent Survival Guide.  

Follow-up consult: 30 minute phone conversation for topic specific challenges.

*In real time* text support: Need a quick response to a text?  Triggered and not sure what to do? Struggling to manage everything the high conflict person in your life is throwing at you?  Andrea's unique *in real time* text support will help quickly move you from surviving to thriving through your high conflict experience.  Conflict doesn't happen during office hours, be prepared with Andrea's *in real time* guidance & coaching so your conflict doesn't take over your life. Billed weekly. 


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