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Andrea LaRochelle

Andrea’s 20+ years experience, coupled with her extensive high conflict training, have made her a leading expert in high conflict interpersonal  dynamics.  Whether you're stuck with a sibling/family member who makes the whole family miserable or co-parenting with someone who appears hell bent on trying to destroy you, Andrea's signature Disengage, Decide, Deliver process for managing high conflict relationships will change your life.  For real.  


Nothing quite compares to the all encompassing anxiety and stress associated with trying to navigate a high conflict person/relationship and the drama they create. Andrea has helped hundreds of families learn invaluable skills so they can stop surviving their high conflict situations and start thriving in their life.

Living with ADHD, or with someone who has ADHD,  has the potential to be one of life's most exciting and creative gifts.  It can also bring confusion, resentment and complete bewilderment.   Making sense of ADHD and how to turn it into a relationship pro (rather than con) takes effort, a sense of humour and a general willingness to let go of how things *should* be.

Before ADHD makes you lose your mind, learn some tried and true techniques to help you better understand yourself and/or your loved ones.


Andrea's superpower is to un-complicate the complicated.  Specifically:

*High Conflict Co-Parenting.

*ADHD children/spouses

She will help you do the same so you can safe your sanity and your relationships.

Professional Highlights

  • Former High Conflict Institute Canadian Director, Speaker & Trainer.

  • Registered Family Mediator with Alberta Family Mediation Society 

  • Parenting After Separation, Parenting After Separation High Conflict and Focus on Communication in Separation Co-ordinator.

  • Author: The High Conflict Co-Parenting Survival Guide, I'm Done: Take Control of Your High Conflict Divorce, Good-bye Bugs kids book series (Good-bye Angry Bugs, Good-bye Teary Bugs, Good-bye Worry Bugs).

  • Created the Disengage.- Decide- Deliver High Conflict Communication Method.

  • 20+ years ADHD research & lived experience 

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